We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to all the musicians who jumped in for the first season of Acoustic Thursdays on the Boardwalk. For now, Thursdays at noon have gone quite, but we anticipate we'll be back next spring for round 2!
This weekly event also would not be possible without our underwriters, Volz Brothers, Saul Rayo, and a few other anonymous donors! Thank you for seeing the vision and being willing to invest in it!
Here is a list of the participating musicians. When you see them, please thank them for filling our streets with their beautiful music!
Kelly Fleming
Billy Bensing Kelli Garmire
Juliet Gobert
Lawrence Laughing
Nory Fussell and Ann Meigs
Ragged But Right Duo
Grease and Grime Duo, Scott Hickman and Seth Miner
The Blackbird Duo, Ananda Vaughn and Maren Metke
The Earles Quartet, J Earle Ford, Bob Woods, Chad Conner Crow, “Texas” Dave Wilcox, Doug Bianchi, Joe Fajan, Jim Trefethen and Karl Chelette
Saul Rayo and Elena Powell
Pete Siegfried and Kathy Barwick
The Rosebuds
James Carlston
Anni McCann
Eli Rush and Paul Emery
If you are interested in a Thursday gig, please contact us in the spring of 2014 at and we will do our best to calendar you in!
Happy Winter, Everyone!