Bike Racks


A multi-purpose bicycle rack was installed, July 2012, near the Boardwalk on Commercial Street in downtown Nevada City.

The rack includes secure locking points for up to 10 bikes in a common side-leaning position or several bikes in a seat-hanging position.

The initial plan for the Boardwalk on Commercial Street, crafted by the Nevada City Sustainability Team and approved by City Council in 2011, included plans for bicycle parking in the same location as the new bike rack. The design details were never fleshed out, however, and funding was never made available for the project.

Beginning in late 2011, a team formed to complete the final design and implementation phase. Over the course of several months, all of the pieces came together, including final design and funding.

Several local groups and individuals helped make the project possible, including:

• The Nevada City Sustainability Team, which included bicycle parking in the initial plan for the Commercial Street Boardwalk;

• The Nevada City Council, Nevada City Planning Commission, and staff at City Hall, which provided strong support throughout the process;

• Black Bart Ornamental Iron Works, which donated 100% of the construction labor costs;

• The Nevada City Lions Club, whose contributions included material, construction and installation;

• Verne Taylor, Nevada City Public Works director, who shepherded it through to completion and took it upon himself to secure donations;

• Final design and implementation team, including Ben Jordan, Ray Bryars, Councilman Duane Strawser, Chris Kelley, Tom Grundy, and Rich Looney, which completed the collaborative design process and brought all of the pieces together.