The Boardwalk on Commercial St


The Boardwalk on Commercial Street. It's more than a parklet. It's a social experiment for building a sense of community.

It was in 1969 when Nevada City lost its town square to Highway 49, and Nevada City has been re-defining itself ever since. In recent years, in its pursuit to become more resilient, Nevada City has come to understand the value of community space and has been working to reclaim its commons through projects such as the rehabilitation of Robinson Plaza and the Nevada City Farmers Market.

The 8x60 sq ft Nevada City Boardwalk on Commercial Street is a part of this movement. It is a two-year test pilot that was installed August 29th, 2011 on an early Sunday morning.
Inspired by San Francisco's Pavement to Parks program, the Boardwalk on Commercial Street was championed by the Nevada City-sanctioned Nevada City Sustainability Team with the support of community volunteers, businesses, the city and its staff.

Built with an all volunteer team, and from mostly recycled materials for the wood decking, planter boxes and benches, this parklet was built to feel as if it was always a part of the historical environment.

The objective of the Nevada City Boardwalk is to create a space for community, alleviate sidewalk congestion, and stimulate more pedestrian traffic while fostering the diversity that is conducive to a healthy community and positive economic development.