Tired of the same television shows? Need to get away from the computer and want to stimulate the mind of your child and his/her imagination?

Come on down to Cafe Mekka for an assortment of games designed by award winning John O'Neill. Just ask one of the Cafe Mekka Baristas behind the counter to assist you in selecting a game of your choice. Games available for all ages!

Gamemaker, John O'Neill, has designed a variety of boardgames and card games that explore subjects such as the environment, world equality, tolerance, life management, and community involvement. In order to succeed in these games, as in life, players must learn to balance when to compete for themselves and when to cooperate for the good of all. Each game requires the continual repetition of two "positive value" moves to win. The more a game is played the more instinctive its value responses become.

These games are intended to expand the meaning of "FUN," including:

1. Inspiration and empowerment in the areas of life. Each game is a metaphor that instills lessons of everlasting impact. 

2. Examples that reinforce that positive gestures can solve any problem.


In today's climate of increasing economic turmoil, a great many people have lost their security and are having to turn inward in search of a new sense of well being, purpose and meaning. In the past, when people have lost their comfort zones, it has been traditional to turn to entertainment for distraction.

In contrast to offering a distraction as a solution, GameWhys  games designed to uplift, inspire and empower their users through play, and in so doing expand the definition of FUN as

Game for Conscious LIving are “Interactive Portraits of Life” created as a painter builds a picture from what he or she sees. They are the result of plumbing a situation to its depth, and distilling it to a metaphor, comprised of symbolic pieces, engaging strategy and signature repetitive moves, designed to reset the player’s Humanity’s well being button to ON - from the inside. 

GameWhys was founded by John O’Neill in 2009 as a continuation of his work pioneering game as Interactive Portraits of Life for use as reflecting on living through game. Each title presents a different scenario from life, distilled into its major components as game pieces, where players can compete, cooperate or just take chances in aspects of their lives within the safety of laughter and play. These “games” are designed to offer their users the opportunity to make decisions normally out of reach in the real life situations of which each game is a metaphor. By so doing inspiration, encouragement and empowerment can be the reward, as well as fun.

Over the past two years GameWhys has attracted the attention of the Alternative Education community and John has been invited to speak and offer workshops at AERO, IDEC and HSC. His past games have received awards and glowing reviews both national and international, the latest being the Green Apple Award presented at the House of Commons, London, Nov 2011.

 His new games, Humanity and OYL were launched at HSC this August Games are targeted at parents and teacher to use with their children as playful arenas for “Teaching without Preaching and Learning through Feeling”. Both Humanity and OYL received a DrToy Best Pic award September 2012.

John’s games and cards have entered the lives of people all over the world, including celebrities including Robin Williams, Emmylou Harris, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bono and Edge of U2.



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