How the Boardwalk Came About


Today, Nevada City is a small town of approximately 3,000 people surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and a diversified economy. In the late 1960's, however, Nevada City was suffering after the gold mines of Nevada County closed down causing the town's future to lay in the balance.

During this time, the Nevada City City Council, out of economic desperation, approved the Highway 20/49 expansion that would ultimately cut through the southeastern portion of the downtown area eradicating what was once known as the townsquare.

Although, today, the City has made improvements to Robinson Plaza and added structures to match the architecture of the period, the area near the highway has struggled to become a vibrant destination. There have been smoking and loitering issues in Calanan Park at the foot of the downtown shopping district, and loitering has spread to nearby sidewalks on Commercial Street making it a problem for business owners who rely heavily upon an enticing street environment to attract customers.

The Boardwalk on Commercial Street is a bold attempt to replace what was lost upon the expansion of HIghway 20/49 as well provide a vehicle to work with our community's challenges, rather than work against them. The Boardwalk has been created to accomodate not only the regulars that can be seen on the streets of Nevada City, but to provide a safe and inviting environment that will attract a diverstiy of community members, ages, and visitors, alike.