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                 February 13, 2013


Grandparents Take to the Streets


Grandmothers and Grandfathers are hitting the streets of Nevada City. A campaign called The Grandmother Pledge was launched election day 2012 by See Jane Do’s, Elisa Parker, former Nevada City Councilwoman and Mayor, Reinette Senum, also Chair of the Nevada City Sustainability Team, and Katherine Doolittle, The Grandmother Pledge Volunteer Coordinator.

The initial launch of The Grandmother Pledge was celebrated by 60 participants on the Boardwalk on Commercial Street, calling for the need to have Grandparents frequent the historic downtown and interact with homeless individuals, the disenfranchised, and many of our youth.

A 90-minute Introduction to The Grandparent Pledge Workshop has been designed to give a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking program. Participants interested in a deeper understanding of challenges on the streets of Nevada City and available solutions are invited to attend this free 90-minute workshop, Saturday, February 23rd, 11am at Nevada City Hall Chambers.

“It’s important to have intergenerational involvement because of what the grandparents can learn from the young and what the young can learn from the grandparents,” said workshop presenter, Janice O’Brien, Vice President of Sierra Roots, a local homeless advocacy group. “It’s about creating a wholeness of communication between the generations. It’s necessary.”

The workshop will be addressing misconceptions and myths around homelessness; addictions; mental/emotional and anger issues; and social-skill building. Resources and tools that foster trust and relationships while establishing clear boundaries will also be shared.

Also available during the workshop: lessons learned by Hospitality House’s Outreach Coordinator, Jeffrey Dupra, Officer Shane Franssen of the Nevada City Police Department, and Homeless Representative, Bill Peach.

“Ultimately, we are trying to create a space where we can come together, face to face, and deal with some of the most complicated issues of our times,” stated event organizer, Reinette Senum. “While the roles of government, organizations, and churches continue to play a significant role in addressing these challenges, it also requires more daily interaction by community members. We’re calling upon the Grandparents for this.

The Grandmother Pledge Workshop is open to men and women of all ages. Coffee, tea, and snacks available to participants.

The goal of The Grandmother Pledge is to build a stronger sense of community, awareness, and safety for the public, merchants, and visitors.

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