Frequently Asked Questions


No, the Boardwalk was originally installed August, 2011 and it’s a two year test pilot. In order for it to become permanent it may or may not need to go through an Environmental Review and ultimately will need the Nevada City City Council’s approval to continue  at the end of its pilot period in September, 2013.


It is a partnership between the Nevada City Sustainability Team members, Nevada City Public Works, and surrounding businesses and Boardwalk regulars.


Not necessarily, but it is a test-pilot to see if the Boardwalk is of benefit to Commercial Street as well as possible other locations at a later date. However, day to day street closures can be expected for special events.


Just show up or contact us to arrange an activity. If you would like to share an activity, music or something you think would contribute to the culture of the Boardwalk, contact us at

What if another competing activity is already underway on the Boardwalk when I arrive?


This is where community building comes in. How can you find a way to make it work for everybody? This is what the Boardwalk is all about.

It will go back to as it was: three parallel parking places and the Give-O-Meters will be reverted back to parking meters.


We don’t have that answer right now. The fate of the Bike Racks will be made when the City Council has to make a decision on keeping the Boardwalk beyond the pilot period.

There may be times you see something you think should be reported to our local police. Hopefully you will already have added the Nevada City Police Department number to your cell phone contacts, 530-265-2626. This will take you directly to the Nevada City dispatch.  Please do not take any questionable matters into your own hands.  If you want to have a better understanding of what to do when an incident arrives, we highly suggest contacting us to find out about the next Grandmother Pledge Workshops.