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The Boardwalk: Building a coalition of neighbors

Just over than three years ago, frustrated and angry merchants and residents filled the Nevada City Council chambers to demand the city do something about all the people and dogs strewn across lower Commercial Street sidewalks, intimidating visitors and blocking customers from entering businesses, ultimately causing loss of business.


We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to all the musicians who jumped in for the first season of Acoustic Thursdays on the Boardwalk. For now, Thursdays at noon have gone quite, but we anticipate we'll be back next spring for round 2!
This weekly event also would not be possible without our underwriters, Volz Brothers, Saul Rayo, and a few other anonymous donors! Thank you for seeing the vision and being willing to invest in it!

The Nevada Ciy Farm to Table Banquet

Has it ever been on your bucket list to take part in a festive farm to table dinner in the streets of your hometown? How about in the historic district of Nevada City, sitting among Italian linens and sunflowers, as a menu of farm fresh cuisine is served family style to your table?

For the first time in downtown Nevada City, such an event is taking place, Sunday, August 11th, 7-11pm on Commercial Street.

Insights from the First Grandmother Pledge Workshop

There is no need to mince words. When taking into consideration the plight of the chronically homeless, as homeless advocate Janice O’Brien points out, “We are not lifting the chronically homeless out of their plight as much as we are assisting many of them through their dying process.”

Surprising statement, isn’t it? It’s startling, until you begin to look a little deeper.

Building a Space for Community

Originally published in the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival November 22, 2011


Nevada City Council member Reinette Senum writes this week’s blog, describing Nevada City’s efforts to become environmentally responsible. The Nevada City Sustainability Team is working to regain the commons within downtown. One such project is the boardwalk on Commercial Street.